Some Wisdom Behind Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction seems to be a rite of passage for many young adults as they leave their teen years. It can be a dreaded experience, but often one that is necessary for good oral health. If you have not had your wisdom teeth removed and are unsure of whether you should undergo the procedure, knowing the signs that it is time for a removal can help you make the right decision.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Pain – Oral pain can occur when eating or drinking cold foods or liquids. While it can be a normal sensitivity, if it occurs in the area of your wisdom teeth behind your last molars, it might be the sign that there is trouble brewing. Make note of where and when the pain occurs and how long the issue has been bothering you and let your dentist know.
  • Infections – Persistent or repeat infections in the tissue behind your last molar, or gum disease in the tissue around the wisdom teeth can be the sign of a serious dental issue. While it can occur for several reasons, any infection is a sign that the health of your teeth has been compromised.
  • Damaged teeth – If your wisdom teeth do not meet correctly it can create pressure for the surrounding teeth and even damage. The presence of wisdom teeth can also cause crowding in the jaw and can shift your teeth, creating issues with any previous orthodontic work.
  • Impacted teeth – When the wisdom tooth does not come in straight, they become impacted below the surface of the gums making it nearly impossible to erupt through the gums. This can cause pain and tenderness as well as swelling and damage to the other teeth in your mouth. The sooner impacted teeth are removed, the better.
  • The time is right – Often there are no signs that wisdom teeth need to be removed. Through a dental x-ray, your dentist may determine that they will not grow in properly and will suggest removal. The late teen years are typically the time when this becomes apparent.

Are you experiencing wisdom tooth discomfort, or is it time to explore a wisdom tooth extraction? Contact the compassionate professionals at 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics in San Antonio, Texas to determine the right time for this procedure. We offer a wide variety of dental care services including orthodontia and wisdom tooth removal.

Which Toothpaste Is Right for You?

Going to your local grocery store or pharmacy, the toothpaste options can seem endless. With so many choices, how do you know which one is right for you? Depending on the specific concerns for your smile, as well as personal preference, you can narrow down your options with our guide. Just be sure to look for ADA (American Dental Association) approval before you purchase, as these brands that have met national dental standards for effectiveness.

Brushing your teeth

Whitening Pastes

Tooth whitening pastes lift surface stains from enamel using mild abrasives. They can be very effective for mild staining, but deep discoloration will most likely need professional treatment. Although popular, whitening pastes can cause increased tooth sensitivity in some users.


Sensitive Formulas

Always make sure to clear using sensitive toothpastes for more than a few weeks with your dentist, who will want to rule out causes such as tooth decay or forceful brushing. For those who need sensitive pastes due to exposed nerves, look for an ADA-approved brand that also prevents tooth decay.


All-Natural Blends

If you have concerns about the additives in your toothpastes, or simply want to try a blend made with herbs and other botanicals, you don’t have to sacrifice effectiveness. If natural toothpastes have an ADA seal on the box, they have the same effectiveness as other brands.


Tartar Control

Tartar control pastes often contain pyrophosphates or zinc citrate to prevent tartar from hardening on the teeth. Keep in mind, existing tartar that has already hardened will not be removed with tartar control toothpastes. Once stuck to the teeth, it must be removed by a dental hygienist during your next cleaning.


Fluoride Toothpaste

If you don’t need any bells and whistles or have special concerns during brushing, fluoride toothpastes do the trick of preventing tooth decay. Some of them may be less expensive than those containing the ingredients and formulas above.

Your dentist can always recommend toothpaste that fits your smile and dental health. 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics has five convenient locations in San Antonio, Texas offering services from family dentistry to orthodontics and emergency treatment. Please visit our site to find out more about us, or call (210) 495-2000!